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  More on Defragmentation
The standard Windows defrag utility is perhaps the slowest available. Of course, it has the tremendous advantage of already being installed on your computer. You can improve your defrag power in three ways.
  • Use a freeware product
  • Buy a commercial product
  • Replace the current Windows defrag utility with a different Windows utility
  • Use a freeware product.
    The best freeware products optimize the existing Windows defrag utility. We recommend two:
  • Power Defrag available from Moochers and
  • Defrag to Shutdown available from Media Horizon . Power Defrag is slightly easier to use, while Defrag to Shutdown, as the name implies, can be set to shut down the computer when it has finished. Both are "set and forget" utilities, you can just start them up and walk away. Clicking on the "Show Details" button provides an interesting view of the defrag process.
  • Buy a commercial product
    For us, the discussion begins and ends with Norton Speed Disk, the only commercial product we have ever tried, or felt the need to try. Speed Disk is both efficient and fun to watch. It is part of a package called Norton Utilities. Norton Utilities can also be purchased as part of a larger package called Norton System Works, which includes the highly recommended Norton Anti-virus. At the time of this writing many Norton products were available as a
  • 30 day trial offer shareware programs.
  • Replace the current Windows defrag utility with a different Windows utility
    This solution applies only to Windows98 and some forms (32 bit) of Windows95. The Windows ME defrag utility is vastly more efficient than the Windows98 utility. We have had problems with this method and cannot recommend it. Others swear by it. For those who wish to try this solution,
  • The Gazette offers an excellent explanation along with a copy of the ME defrag utility.
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